Emulation on Sega Saturn - Misc
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phoenix.txt - Cut from "Arcade emulation How-to" about writing Phoenix emu
z80.txt - small manual on Z80
z80core - source for z80 emu core by Juergen Buchmueller
excyber.txt - ExCyber thoughts on optimizing Z80 emu core for Saturn's SH2s
z80sh2.txt - Just an useless comments on x86 asm optionally used in Z80 core and how it can be rewrited to sh2
scdj2e.zip - My Japanese to European converter for Mega CD games (if download not work, go to http://phemusat.tripod.com
emulate6.zip - Source to Jim Skilskys Phoenix emulator v.6 with GFX emulation
emulate.zip - Source to Jim Skilskys Phoenix emulator with pseudographics
jabawape21.zip - "Just Another Beginner's Attempt to Write A Phoenix/Plieads Emulator". Source and executable