Emulation on Sega Saturn - Downloads
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Sega MasterSystem/GameGear emulator (port of SMS Plus)
version 0.2 Precompiled binary. Included cd tools for making iso image
version 0.1 Precompiled binary

Phoenix emulator (based on Jim Skilskys emulator)
beta7 "scroll" - in ISO format
beta7 "scroll" - source
beta6.1 "speed" - Just for history, no real speed ups. In ISO format
beta6 - in ISO format
beta6 - source
safe2 - in ISO format. First version which succesfully works on real Saturn
safe1 - For history only. Crashes on real console. In ISO format.
beta5 - In ISO format. Crashes on real console
beta5 - source
beta4 - In ISO format. Background implemented (but w/o scrolling)
beta4 - source
bgdebug - Experiment with background. Debug only. Source code.
gfx - First version with real gfx by TakaIsSilly. In ISO format
gfx - source
version 0.2 - second public version. Uses pseudogfx. In ISO format.
version 0.2 - source
version 0.1 - first public version. In ISO format
version 0.1 - source